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We believe in thinking differently, it is what motivates and guides us going forward.

Our programs are not just tours, we go beyond.

Travel Beyond is a tour operator based in Reykjavík, Iceland, we specialize in guided self-driven 4×4 expeditions and driver guided tours. Our goal is to give our customers chance to experience Iceland in a unique way. Off the beaten path is the backbone of our tours, we believe our packages have the perfect balance between remoteness and must-see sights.



Travel Beyond was founded by three friends who share between them more than 50 years of experience operating and organizing tours and expeditions in Iceland. Our passion for adventure travel is one of the things that guides us when we create our programs.


For our guided 4×4 self-driven expedition tours, we own and operate a fleet of modified Toyota Land Cruisers. These vehicles are specially modified to drive on mountain roads and trails. They have bigger tires and more ground clearance which is useful when driving in the back country. Those attributes make the drive more comfortable and easier to cross obstacles, like unbridged rivers, eroded roads, snow, and trails.



We believe that good teamwork is key to create the right atmosphere for multi-day tours. A good itinerary, good guide and the right atmosphere makes great experiences.


We have good cooperation with other tour operators around Iceland. We work closely with hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants all around the island. For the best overall experience, we feel that good accommodations and food is just as important as beautiful scenery and exciting program. To make your visit to Iceland extra memorable we can include extra activities in our itineraries.

Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Hjálmar has a passion for adventures, and all his life he has had the need to be on the move, so it goes without saying that Hjálmar loves to travel.  All kinds of adventure travel is a big part of who he is. His fondest memory of an adventure was when he went to the Icelandic highlands to ride motorcycles for the first time. He was so focused to keep up with the others in the group that he totally lost his sense of directions and had no idea where he was or where he had been. “It´s important for every traveler to know the feeling of being lost, it makes you more prepared for your next adventure” was Hjálmars take from that experience.

Hjálmar has travelled around Iceland on foot, motorcycles, horseback, snowmobiles, and driven 4×4 heavily modified super jeeps all over the Icelandic highlands and glaciers, both on his own in his free time, and as an expedition leader.

His biggest adventure so far was when he decided to move abroad to serve in a foreign military. In 2010 he moved to Norway where he served as an infantryman in a mechanized infantry battalion. When he came back home, he started to work in the tourism industry both as a snowmobile guide, a private guide and later as a manager. While working with tourists he studied Business Administration at Reykjavík University. Hjálmar has organized and lead countless tours and expeditions in Iceland, both winter and summer.

In Hjálmars own words “Tourism has been my place of business for the last decade, it´s where I feel at home”


Co-Founder & Guide

Atli has been a passionate traveler and adventurer his whole life.  The first adventure he did on his own was when he was 12 years old.  He heard on the news that there was a volcanic eruption starting in the infamous volcano Hekla.  He took the next local bus down to the main bus terminal, bought a ticket with a highland bus, and off to Hekla he went.  He spent the whole night there, in absolute awe, witnessing his first volcanic eruption.  But when he came back home the next morning, tired but exited to tell his family about his incredible night, the police were waiting for him back home.  The thing was that he forgot a minor detail when he was preparing for his adventure, to tell his parents he was going, so both the police and his family had been searching for him all night!

For 40 years Atli has been seeking adventures in Iceland, he has hiked, climbed, biked, snowmobiled, and driven to countless places in Iceland, both as an adventure guide and in his free time. He loves to travel and has been seeking adventures around the world.  He has been hiking and climbing mountains in Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Greenland, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and more, and he claims he is just getting started!

Atli has been a member of the SAR volunteer mountain rescue team in Iceland since he was a teenager, among other things he was a leader of one of the teams for years and has organized and participated in many mountains search and rescue missions in his time.

Atli has founded and run adventure companies in Iceland for 15 years, but his favorite is to guide, to go on adventures and experience Iceland with his guests, or fellow travelers, as he always refers to his guests.

In Atlis own words “People ask me if I don’t get tired of going to the same places again and again? My answer is no, I am always seeing new things.  I have my fellow travelers with me that are coming to those gorgeous places for the first time, so I get to experience them again and again for the first time through my travelling buddies eyes, so I am in awe, every time


Co-Founder & Guide


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